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    | How To Check If Your Console Is Jtaggable |


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    | How To Check If Your Console Is Jtaggable |

    Post by DarkxTroops on Mon Jan 24, 2011 5:27 am

    How To Check If You Console Is Jtaggable

    To Find Out What Motherboard Type You Have:

    The Diagram Only Shows The Generation, This Is How To Figure Out Which One Of The Two It Is.

    Xenon - NON-HDMI
    Zephyr - HDMI
    Falcon - HDMI
    Opus - NON-HDMI
    Jasper - HDMI

    Finding the Kernel Version:
    In The Dashboard Go To System Settings, Console Settings Then Scroll Down To System Info. Your Kernel Version Is Shown Here, In This Picture The 360 Has The 8955 Kernel Applied. This Console Is NOT Vulnerable.

    Kernel Vulnerability:

    8498 And Higher - Any Console With A Kernel Of 8498 And Higher Have Been Patched To Stop The Hack.

    7371 And Lower - Any Console With A Kernal Of 7371 Or Lower Are Most Likely Vulnerable To The Hack.

    Kernels 7357/7363/7371
    These 3 Kernels Are What You Call "iffy" Kernels, Some Contain A Patched CB Which Makes The Console Un-Exploitable.

    How Do I Know If My Console Has The Patched CB?

    1. If The Console Manufacture Date Is BEFORE 6-1-2009 Then The CB In The 360 Will Not Be Patched And You Can Perform The JTAG Hack On It.

    2. If The Console Manufacture Date Is AFTER 6-1-2009 Then The CB In The 360 Will Be Patched And You Cannot Perform The JTAG Hack On It.

    CB Versions
    Now This Check Isn't Needed, But If You Get A Console With A Manufacture Date After 6-1-2009, And It Has One Of The iffy Kernels Then You Could Always Dump The NAND Image And Check The CB Version In It. You Maybe Lucky To Get An Exploitable 360, Chances are 99.9% You Will Get A Patched 360. You Wont Know Untill You Try.

    Open Your NAND Image In Either Degraded Or 360 Flash Tool And Check The CB Version. Here Is A Picture Of Degraded. Any CB Version Past The One Shown In The "Non-Exploitable" Section Will Not Be Exploitable. Only The Ones In The Exploitable CB Versions Are JTAG-able.

    Exploitable CB versions:
    1888, 1902, 1903, 1920,1921: exploitable xenon
    4558: exploitable Zephyr
    5761, 5766, 5770: exploitable falcon
    6712, 6723: exploitable jasper

    Non-Exploitable CB Versions (CD Version = 8453 For All Of Them)
    Xenon: 1922, 1923, 1940
    Zephyr: 4571, 4572, 4578, 4579
    Falcon/Opus: 5771
    Jasper: 6750




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    Re: | How To Check If Your Console Is Jtaggable |

    Post by -Jasper- on Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:11 am

    Very nice mate
    v XENON v1
    v XENON v1

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    Re: | How To Check If Your Console Is Jtaggable |

    Post by v XENON v1 on Mon Jan 24, 2011 10:37 am

    Ur goooood !!
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    Re: | How To Check If Your Console Is Jtaggable |

    Post by -BiiGMoNeY- on Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:16 pm

    that seems like a copy and paste but nice post

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    Re: | How To Check If Your Console Is Jtaggable |

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